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Doc, I Wish I Could Wear Contacts!

"Doctor, I wish I could wear contact lenses!"

I hear this all the time. Most discouraging to patients that enter my office for the first time is that previous doctors may have told them that they were unable to wear contact lenses. Why? Maybe it was their prescription. Maybe it was because of some form of eye abnormality such as previous refractive surgery or keratoconus. Most commonly, it was because of dryness in their eyes. Does this sound familiar to you?

My approach with any patient interested in contact lenses is simple. I first spend an appropriate amount of time discussing the patient's expectations. We discuss what they want and need out of contact lenses. After I understand their desires, I discuss what is available with today's current technology. The good news is that the technology available is vast and improving everyday, allowing for a great options for nearly any eye, given expectations are realistic.

The last thing I like to discuss is the treatment of any dry eye problem the patient may exhibit. If we don't aggressively get the eye to a state of improved moisture and health, any contact lens option attempted may fail due to discomfort. This is quite common, but easy to address if proper step and recommendations are followed.

What makes my approach different from another doctor's approach? I take the time to ask about contacts, I take the time to discuss contacts, and I take the time to get my patient the best option for wearing contacts. We aren't always 100% successful, but we aren't afraid to try.

So, if we can help you, come see us!

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