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Part 1: The Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

I’d like to discuss the importance of daily disposable contact lenses. I am going to discuss three reasons why we love them so much at Arkansas Eye Care Group in Maumelle. Over 3 weeks, we will break these topics down one-by-one as follows:

  1. Dry Eyes

  2. Allergies

  3. Day-to-Day Comfort & Convenience

Today we are going to discuss how daily disposable contact lenses are great for people that suffer with dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition much like diabetes or hypertension. There are treatment options, but there are no permanent cures. However, much like diabetes or hypertension, dry eye syndrome can be effectively managed and controlled by following precise treatment plans established by your eye care professional.

In our clinic, I assess the ocular surface of every contact lens patient. If I see the presence of ocular dryness (I do regularly), then I will begin with aggressive treatment of the ocular tear film. We will often start with short term prescription drops followed by long-term management with over-the-counter tears and nutritional supplements. After we restore the eye’s tear film to a more comfortable level, we then proceed to fitting the patient in the proper lens.

My preferred choice for patients with ocular dryness is a daily disposable contact lens. Since the lenses are thrown away every day, the eyes experience the comfort of a fresh lens on a daily basis. When a patient has ocular dryness, the eye tends to supply a higher level of deposit build-up on the contact lenses. By having a lens that is thrown away daily, we are also able to avoid the discomfort that is caused by these deposits.

There is a new lens on the market. It is called the Dailies Total 1. It is a brand new technology that allows the lens to consistently remain moist on the eye, regardless of how dry the eye’s environment. This lens is by no means a “miracle lens,” but it has been a successful option for my more severe dry eye patients.

Our goal is to get patients into contact lenses. Many have been told “no” because of dryness. Many have abandoned contact lenses on their own, thinking that there were no more options available. We will work with you and discuss if there are any further options available for your eyes. Give us a call!

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