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Part 2: The Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

It's week 2 in our discussion of why we love daily disposable contact lenses so much at Arkansas Eye Care Group in Maumelle. Over 3 weeks, we will break these topics down one-by-one as follows:

  1. Dry Eyes

  2. Allergies

  3. Day-to-Day Comfort & Convenience

Today we are going to discuss how daily disposable contact lenses are great for people that suffer with ocular allergy.

Individuals who suffer from ocular allergy will enter our office complaining itching eyes and poor contact lens comfort. As allergy increases in the eye, inflammation, lens build-up, and dryness will often increase as well. These conditions are the enemy of good contact lens comfort. My goal with these patients is two-fold: get them comfortable and keep them comfortable.

In order to get an allergy sufferer comfortable, we must initiate some form of allergy treatment. Many patients have already tried allergy meds like Benadryl or Visine. Often, however, these meds may give only shallow, temporary relief and yield decreased contact lens comfort due to more eye dryness. It is necessary, instead to temporarily discontinue contact lens wear and start proper allergy treatment under my supervision.

In order to keep my patients comfortable, I will recommend daily disposable contact lenses. These lenses are thrown away everyday diminishing the side effects of choosing the wrong contact lens solution or improper cleaning. These lenses will also be disposed of before build up on the lenses can cause increased allergy problems. These are not miracle lenses, but they often allow a patient to remain in contacts when they have previously been unable. Even if not chosen as the main lens option, a small supply of daily disposable lenses can be kept for the occasional time when a patient experiences allergy flare-ups.

We love daily disposables for so many reasons. Keep reading, and call us if you would like to consider this change as well.

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